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Have you been dreaming of a military career? Have you looked at soldiers and thought to yourself “Wow, I would like to be one of them.”? Dreaming of a military career is the first step to the actual realisation of your dreams. It is a career that is easily achievable once determination and perseverance are present. A career in the military is a noble desire and it is up to you to make it happen. Reading about it is a step in the right direction. This article will present to you some useful information that will prod you along and have you saying Sir’ in no time.

military jobs

The first thing that you will probably ask is, How do I get in?’ For most countries, beginning to serve is not an easy conquest. Again, always remember determination and perseverance. One must be between 18 and 35 years old and of course, a citizen or a resident alien in your country. You also need to have your high school diploma and be able to pass a series of tests such as the ASVAB in the U.S. and other physical tests. Specific branches will require you to take other tests, as well. You have to ace them! As for the training, it will be a rigorous 10-week Basic Combat Training commonly known as the boot camp.

Moving on, there are four types of military service or military jobs. This includes the Active Duty, the Reserve, the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard. For the Active Duty, think of this one as the busy soldier. Yes, they are all busy but this one is particularly mobile hence the name active duty. These are the ones deployed either domestically or overseas and are present at Motherland’s every beck and call. The Reserve obtains training similar to the Active Duty but they are closer to home and they are deployed only once needed. The Army National Guards are the ones called on by the president or the state governors to be deployed internationally but their main job is concentrated on disaster relief and emergency situations. Lastly, but most definitely not the least, we have the Air National Guard. Their duties are very similar to the Army National Guard, responding to the president or the state governors, being deployed internationally and catering to the needs of civilians during disasters. The only difference is that they navigate through the air. If you are determined and ready for a lifetime challenge, then you can find the latest military jobs in U.S.A.

military jobs usa
military jobs usa

Now, you might probably be thinking, What’s in it for me?’. The military, being a job that is not entirely easy as a pie has great compensation that ranges from $1,491 to $2,266.50 depending on your pay grade (USA compensation). Not only that, health care, housing, food and even educational opportunities are also provided. Once retired after 20 years of service, retirement fund is guaranteed. The government would also give due recognition if you are working on an especially risky mission such as ones that will involve you driving and etc., they will provide added compensation for the added risk.

With all those information, it is time you decide whether the military path is indeed for you. If you are still doubtful, be sure to do more research to solidify your resolve in being a military man or woman. To find more information and for the latest jobs you can visit Gov Jobs USA.